Data Comm Services in the Charleston WV Area.

Let’s face it, today’s technology is growing at a pace where it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. But at Faith Electric, we have experts in a vast array of technologies. We build custom solutions for our customers every year and we know what is going on out there.

Cloud and Data Services

Storage and management of your data can come in several forms. Either on-site or in-the-cloud. Or, if you prefer, a combination of both. You tell us which you would prefer.

Networking Services

It’s not just employees that need to stay in touch. So do your offices and the computer systems that run them. We can handle it all, from design to implementation

Security Services

With people wanting to work on their own personal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) it’s important your security measures are as sophisticated as the individuals who are trying to get past them.

Systems and Infrastructure Services

Which hardware is really the best? As an independent consultant that’s not tied to only one supplier, we can tell you which system, which router, which firewall, (and so on) is right for your unique situation.